Wednesday, 6 January 2016

IELTS Task 1 example

Dear students,
Here is an example of a task 1 writing task for IELTS.

The bar chart illustrates the percentage of people who hold a science qualification in Singapore and Malaysia. A prominent feature is that a significantly low percentage of people hold science qualifications, that is Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in science from university level studies in both countries. Less than 5% of people hold a qualification in science at Master’s degree level in both Singapore and Malaysia.
There is a significant difference in the percentage of people holding science qualifications at Bachelor level between the two countries; while this number is 20% in Singapore, in Malaysia it is a mere 10%. The percentage of people with school leaving exams in science is slightly higher in Malaysia than in Singapore. 35% of people in Malaysia have a science qualification at this level, whereas the number in Singapore is 5% lower. Finally, more than half the people in both countries hold no science qualification at all.
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