Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Academic Writing - Autumn 2016

Dear students,
Welcome to the course. We will be using the textbook at least some of the time, so please consider buying a copy for yourself. Alternatively, you may find one to download below:



Academic Writing
Autumn 2016

Instructor:             Chris Elvin
Email:                    chriselvin@gmail.com
Blog:                     http://elvinaw.blogspot.jp

Course Description

Welcome to Academic Writing. This class is designed to accomplish the following:

1) Write a 1500-word research essay.
2) Write direct and indirect quotations.
3) Paraphrase and summarize.
4) Use APA style to cite sources and compile bibliographies.

Course Assessment and Grading Criteria

30%   A portfolio of all the work that you did in class. This will include single and multiple paragraph essays, direct and indirect quotations, paraphrasing, summarizing, APA in-text citations, and works cited reference compilation exercises.
10%   A mid-term in-class essay
10%   A final in-class essay
50%   A 1500-word research essay, which should include a detailed map / outline, and at least seven APA formatted in-text citations together with their corresponding “Works Cited” references.
It will take you most of the semester to write a 1500-word original research essay. Your essay will be graded according to four criteria: thesis, organization (cohesion and coherence), grammar (range and accuracy), and vocabulary.

Attendance Policy

You are expected to attend ALL classes.


Please don’t copy! (Even one sentence that is not your own is too much).

Good luck!

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