Monday, 17 September 2018

Welcome to Chris Elvin's Aoyama University Academic Writing Class

Dear students,

Welcome to academic writing. Last year about fifty percent of my students failed this course, so please beware that you may fail if you do not apply yourself properly from the outset.

Some reasons for failing include:

* under length final papers
* a lack of knowledge of academic writing 
* hubris (over-confidence in one's ability)
* cheating (copying from the Internet, for example)
* a naive and unfounded shared belief that everyone will pass the course

Grading Criteria

50 points:

A final paper of a minimum of 1500 words which includes at least seven references in the appropriate format (APA).

30 points:

A completed class workbook
(Every week you will do one chapter of the workbook which you are expected to download and bring to class yourselves).

20 points:

A mid-term in-class test and a final in-class test

Kind regards,

Chris Elvin

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