Thursday, 6 December 2018

Week 15

Dear students,
Today is your final class. You should hand in your final paper today and take a final 10- point test.
Before class you should upload your final paper to the university database via the link below. To sign in, your ID should be “student” and your password is “tGpUU5Cv”.

Aoyama University final draft upload form

Then, take a screen shot of your upload receipt and attach this to the front page of your final paper and bring this to class to hand in.

In addition, you should also upload your essay to the class spreadsheet using the form below.

Final draft upload form

Finally, you will take a written test.
You should write a summary and opinion of a story in today’s newspaper. Remember to cite your sources appropriately in APA format.

Kind regards,
Chris Elvin

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  1. I am a student from 4th period on Tuesdays. I tried many times but I could not sign in to the university database. It said the ID or password is incorrect.


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