Tuesday, 10 November 2015

November 17th lesson

Dear students,
Today you will have an IELTS task 2 writing assignment as your mid-term test, which is worth 10 points. If you didn`t hand in your practice test last week for checking, you may access the link below to read the public version of the IELTS task 2 writing bandscales.

IELTS task 2 writing bandscale descriptors

You should do your best to address all parts of the task and write at least 250 words. If your essay is short, you will perhaps only get a maximum of four for the task. In addition, you will automatically incur a 1 or 2 point penalty depending on the length of your essay.

After the test you will review APA style and look at some examples of APA formatted in-text citation markers and APA formatted references taken from an academic paper. Please download the files and bring them to class.

APA review
Academic paper example

There are also automatic reference generators on the web that can assist you. One such example is below:


Good luck in the test!
Chris Elvin

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