Tuesday, 24 November 2015

December 1st lesson

Dear students,
Today, in your groups, you will read your part of your composite academic paper to each other. You should have written about three hundred words each and included at least one APA formatted citation, which is referenced in your APA formatted "Works Cited".
Please hand this in after you have finished reading, and preferably stapled together in correct order.
After that you should begin to start developing your own academic paper.  Remember, an academic paper is writing which analyses knowledge and produces new knowledge. You should have a position in relation to your thesis and you should argue rationally, not emotionally. You should be objective, not subjective. To make your argument strong, cite experts or reliable sources.
Before you start writing your essay, write a clear thesis statement and draw a mind map that you are satisfied can not be improved. If possible, please show me your thesis statement and map or outline today.
Good luck!
Chris Elvin

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