Thursday, 20 October 2016

Week 5

Dear students,
Today you will work in groups of four or five. You should choose a topic to write about, narrow the focus, draw a detailed map, do your reseach, and then write your part of the essay. A good thesis should be original, interesting, researched, and include critical thinking. Your group essay should be over 250 words long per person (over 1000 words) and include at least five references. Therefore your essay will have at least five APA formatted in-text citation markers together with their matching full APA formatted references in the Works Cited. All of your references should support and strengthen your thesis. A good reference is the opinion of an expert. A bad reference is something arbritary that you found on the Internet. Wikipedia is fine for this class, but the original source of the Wikipedia article (the references at the bottom of the page) may be better.

For homework, please type your part of the essay in APA format. You should use Times New Roman font. Your text should be 12-point and fully justified. Your references should be hanging indent, left justified. Everything should be double spaced.
It should look something like the file below:
You should include the full essay in your portfolio and highlight the parts that you wrote.
Kind regards,
Chris Elvin

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