Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Week 8

Dear students,
Today you will take your mid-term test. While you are doing the test, your teacher would like to check your portfolio, so please make sure to bring it to class. It should include your:
1) essay about retirement
2) group comparison essay
3) in-text citation matching exercise
4) works cited matching exercise
5) group final paper (typed)
6) map or outline of your final paper
Your portfolio is worth 30 points and you should hand it in today. Late portfolios will score a maximum of only 20 points.

Today's test is worth 10 points. You will have forty minutes. You should write a minimum of 250 words.
Test question:

More and more people are eating imported food these days. What are the reasons for this, and what can be done to promote local produce?

You will not be allowed dictionaries or cell phones, and there is no need to write references. You should, however, prepare to answer the question in advance.
Kind regards,
Chris Elvin

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