Week 9

Dear students,
Today you will look at APA formatting in more detail.

First of all, in a previous lesson, I said that the headers should be bold, 18 point and 16 point. This is only true for a specific college I teach at - it is not APA, so please ignore what I said! Everything should be 12 point Times New Roman. Secondly, "Works Cited" should be labelled "References". I am sorry for the confusion.

Here is my sample essay written to conform with APA guidelines:
Sample 1

Here is another APA formatted paper. The content of this is all about APA, so it has much good advice.
Sample 2

Here is another APA formatted research paper.
Sample 3

If you look at these three papers, you may see some similarities. This is the APA format that your paper should look like.

Good luck!
Chris Elvin


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